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Just last week I read a tweet an author had paired with a picture of himself and his family. It read: “When the stars align…” For him he had managed to capture the perfect moment where everything was going right. The stars were in place and energies were slowly making their way through the world. For me, however, it was a different story.

It’s nice when we can tell good tales about our lives. In fact, it seems that people tend to prefer to do that instead of performing online the sometimes grim realities of what life can sometimes be like. My life over these past few months has been pretty tricky and I’ve not felt as productive as I usually am. There have been times when I’ve sat in front of my laptop with no clue about what to write or what to do. Luckily, this project update has made me boot myself out of my situation and write, something… anything.

I don’t want to repeat the things I’ve said before. Yes, the instruments are ready both hard copy and online. Hayford was the first of us to get into the field on Monday and has spent his week testing the survey instruments in three socio-economically diverse schools. It will be my turn next when we expand our efforts to a larger sample of schools – asking about educational technology, AI, use and access. We’ve been interviewing principals, head teachers and students to obtain a view of perceptions too. What do people think AI is anyway? How do kids who have never owned a computer or a mobile device make sense of AI? What do schools actually have and legitimately need?

As we haven’t had a chance to debrief, I thought I would use this update to just say please stay tuned for a more informative post I’ll write when we have managed to discuss and reflect on our findings.

Till then,

– Selena

Selena Nemorin

Selena Nemorin


Dr Selena Nemorin is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and researcher/lecturer in sociology of digital technology at the University of Oxford. Selena’s research focuses on critical theories of technology, surveillance studies, AI/tech ethics, and youth and future media/technologies. Her work includes research projects that have examined AI, IoT and ethics, the uses of new technologies in digital schools, educational equity and inclusion, as well as human rights policies and procedures in K-12 and post-secondary institutions.


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